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About Us

Since 2002, Virginia Waters and Wetland, Inc. has provided practical environmental consulting services and creative scientific design with turnkey construction and excavation capabilities in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

By combining the skill and expertise of aquatic scientists, construction professionals, and watershed engineers, we have become a leading environmental consulting firm in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Our scientists’ extensive knowledge of water, soil and vegetation is matched by their understanding of state, local and federal regulations.  We conduct risk delineation and restoration associated with such environmental conditions as streams, wetlands and endangered species credibly and effectively.

VW&W approaches water resource issues from a watershed perspective to provide creative, cost-effective solutions for any water resource challenge including wetland and stream mitigation, restoration and permitting, stormwater pond creation and repair, pond and lake management, wetland creation and banking, and environmental monitoring.

Our valued clients include builders, developers, community associations, realtors, engineers, land attorneys, property managers, homeowners as well as local, state and federal governments.

VW&W is a proud member of: